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Holy Mother of Visitors!

man i guess there's a buttload of people who really likes jake gyllenhaal or prince of persia. the amount of visits this day is like 2-3 months worth! this is nuts. maybe its a sign or even just a fluke but i'm glad it happened and i thank you for that. it totally made my day and night and will probably next day too and maybe night too. :) i'll make sure i'll post jake gyllenhaal more often. i'll try my best and post more good stuff to keep u guys entertained.



so the site went thru a little overhaul. it kinda got a little cluttered with the previous layout. also this blog is now moved here since my photoblog will be my main page from now on. now i can start posting some cool trailers and other misc stuff again. i got a cooler twitter status widget now too, matches the site and everything.


Will Update soon!

wow its been more than 2 months since i've updated. i'm sorry. ;)