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Can we say Ownage?!


Obama! Yes We Can!

Our Leader of the Free World. A change has come and its time to turn this crisis around.


Vote Day!

dont forget to vote people! go go go!!! seriously tho why the hell is so hard to find a place to vote. im a first time timer so i have no clue on where to go. tried to google it and got nothing. even tried the google map vote thing and got nothing. i even typed in chicago to see if there's one in an area i know. it shows nothing. seriously? chicago is a big ass city and google map vote doesnt have anything for it? i had to ask a friend about where to go and was suggested the library. i really want to vote but im also pretty lazy and this is not making it any easier. if i dont find it at the library im going right back home. it shouldnt be this hard at all.


update: just finished voting. pretty easy but i still say it coulda been a little be better. i had to go to the library to ask where to vote. they said they have their own specific site that they log into to find my voting location after putting in my address. why couldnt i just do this online? after i found out the place i just went there and voted. pretty easy and no line.