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Outside Green Screen on TV shows

this really just blew my mind. that's all i had to say.



Windows Phone 7

i got to say that this new winmo7 ui is pretty damn sleek. apple and google, get your act together and start tweaking your ui before winmo7 passes yall up. your stuff is looking stale and in need of a facelift.



SFIV National and International Finals!

so the results are done and who is the best Street Fighter Player in the world? Watch and find out. [via kineda]

just watching this made my memories of childhood all come back. i remember going everyday to galaxy game room in uptown chicago spending all my money i can rummage up and being there for hours even if i didnt have any money to play. street fighter 2 was literally the first arcade game i've ever played. once i had my quarter in line with the rest of the other quarters waiting to play, i knew i was hooked.

my summers back then consist or at least 3 hrs there a day. its unfortunate that because of consoles arcades are dying in this country. having that experience of beating something and shoving it in their face isnt as great as doing it online nowadays because the losers arent humbling like in the arcade and admit their defeat but instead just start talking shit and throwing out racial slurs everywhere. shit like that dont happen at the arcades because u'll get ur ass beat for being a douche like that. but nevermind my rambling, time for the awesome videos of the matches.

Justin Wong vs. Mike Ross (National Finals)


Now its the round robin matches for the International Finals. Man the combos in these are sick and on a totally different level. Check out the Poongko ones. Sick!

Iyo vs Daigo

Poongko vs Iyo

Poongko vs Daigo

Justin Wong vs Iyo

Justin Wong vs Poongko

so its come down to the International finals with Justin Wong vs Daigo. will it be the same results as this crazy match they had together back duing the Evo Championships of 2004. here's the video then and the video now.

Evo Championships 2004 Justin Wong vs Daigo

Daigo vs. Justin Wong (International Finals)