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Tattoo Session 1

so when my cousin ask me to talk to my tattoo guy about getting himself a full back piece, i gladly said cool but also advised on making sure he knows what he wanted. a back piece is something you can laser away because you decided you're bored with it. so when the day came, i came with him and decided to document the process. my tattoo guy is a little different than the usual tattoo artists because he like to freehand everything and just go straight to the tattooing. he hardly ever draw it on paper and do the whole stencil thing. that was how he did mine. so here is how he starts his process. my tattoo guy's name is mike luera, he's the owner of sacred art studios in calumet city. he usually starts with a really rough sketch of what we wanted and then slowly churns out awesome art. well here is the first session in the series. the sketching took about an hour or so and the actual tattooing took about another 2 hours or so. in the last images, u can see those red outlines of the rest of the backpiece. those are there so that next time he doesnt have to redraw the images again. there are light enough where it doesnt interfere if changes are needed. here's hoping this will people anyone interested in knowing how all this works. its also in the gallery here if you prefer to view it that way.







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