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Chicago Transit Authority

when i started out in photography, i was just like everyone else, shoot what you thought was cool. i didnt know any better, i didnt know the technicalities of the camera. i just shot what was i interested in and what i thought people should be shooting. then i started finding my style and what type of shots i gravitated towards. it was the simplest of them too, light. that is what photography is right, capturing light.  i kept on shooting and then i saw that lines was something that was pulling me in and how it affected the light around it. i shot in this style for a long time since i was living in chicago and the architecture here created great photos of lines and light. when i started photo 1 class at columbia college, i had to find a subject for my final. it took awhile to figure out what i wanted to do but one bright sunny morning while commuting to school, it smacked me right in the face. you can see it in the fourth image, the reason why it wasnt the first because i had to come back daily to find a time with that same light again and having nobody around to shoot that shot. this facination with the cta trains went on for awhile and into my photo 2 class final also. this is basically a compilation of my 2 photo finals. full gallery here.





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Brilliant photos!

August 29 | Unregistered Commenteraustin

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