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Band Promo

sorry its been this long since i've posted anything. 45hr weeks at work is getting to me. now i'm just trying to find free time to do things that i just sat on my ass before when i didnt have a job. haha.

so last year when i went to visit my boy in jersey, i had a chance to check out his band practicing. this was a first for me. never done something like that before since i'm not a big music person anymore. but their band is called Saigon Bullets. here's their facebook and myspace page. they got some cool stuff so check them out.

it was also one of my early trials playing with flash. i had to say it was a little tough since my boy was wearing all white in a dark room while the rest of the band was wearing darker colors. i guess it was a good experience for me since its just like a wedding with the bride wearing all white and the groom was usually in a dark suit. i also only had one light source so that was another challenge. it couldnt light the whole room well. with a crop camera and my 24-70 didnt give me the wide focal length that i wanted so that was another variable in my unpreparedness. i did manage to get some decent shots out tho. hopefully people will like this.



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