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Mariekris & Gavin

so i had the chance to help assist my boy Marc Edwards at an engagement shoot which then led me to helping assist him at the wedding also. mariekris & gavin were an awesome couple. i hope to have couples like them for the rest of my career and i will die a happy man. haha. i was only assisting him at this wedding, he already had a second photography for it. i was glad to only assist since it was my first time ever doing any type of shooting outside of friend's weddings. it was a very long day but boy was it fun. mariekris & gavin were great sports and that really drived the momentum of the shoot. whenever i had time away from assisting, i would pull out my camera and discreetly take whatever shots i can without getting in the way of the other two photogs. this was a pretty big wedding so being able to be efficient and ready to go was something i try to prepare myself for. in the end we were pretty good with keeping up to the pace the wedding was going. i have to say thank you to marc for letting me help him with the wedding. i need to see what was out there and if i was ready for something like this on my own. i think i will be fine as long as i get more work and experience in and just get adjusted to pace the wedding is at. well if you want to see the full out wedding that marc took, check it out here. check out my facebook page as well if you guys dont have nothing else to do. :)




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